Although officially this "yoked" congregation has been joined only since 1968, we have a history of helping one another since the Methodists and Congregationalists shared a railroad car in the mid 1850's! Like siblings, the two churches have lived side by side assisting, enjoying, competing, and serving God and the community by loving God and one another through good times and bad.


From the shared borrowed railroad car grew two congregations which quickly outgrew their surroundings and went their separate ways, borrowing other quarters until each could build. During their growing years, each suffered loss by fire of their church home, only to have the other immediately offer theirs. 


Finally realizing our need for one another, we joined as one family, the Earlville United Parish, in 1991.


As we praise God for patiently waiting for us to come to this realization, we welcome all who join us in worship of the One who loves us beyond our comprehension or imagination. 


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